Tuesday, September 14, 2010

October Reading Press Release!

7PM sharp-9PM, Thursday, OCTOBER 7 AT THE WAYPOST, 3120 N. WILLIAMS AVE., PORTLAND (503-367-3182)
CONTACT: MEL FAVARA, 971-506-3340, mel.favara@gmail.com

We’ll present the newest chapter in a Oulipean experiment: four exemplary local writers, one musician, and a filmmaker responded to the theme FLIGHT, penning 250 words per week (or making 250 seconds of film) for four weeks in response to the theme and prompts created/found/stolen by series curator Mel Favara. The results, as per usual, have been wildly divergent, smart, and fresh: want to see how six participants employed the phrase, “In the course of that particular malady” and the words “savor, sooty, artifice, administer, and wheels” in one 250 word piece? Join us Thursday at the Waypost to hear the writer’s innovative writing and also witness the 1,000 Words house band, Reid Trevarthen, playing songs based on the prompts at the intermission.

Dan Kaplan is the author of Bill's Formal Complaint (The National Poetry Review Press, 2008) and the bilingual chapbook SKIN (Red Hydra Press, 2005). His work has appeared in many publications, including Denver Quarterly, Barrow Street, diode, Meridian, Quarterly West, Indiana Review, Verse Daily, and the anthology Flash Fiction Forward (W.W. Norton & Co.). His website is www.dan-kaplan.com.

Lucie Bonvalet teaches French at the Alliance Fran├žaise, writes for the French art and culture zine Globulot, and studies dance, Japanese and tai chi.

Wendy Noonan’s poems have been published in Permafrost, Diner, Bolts of Silk, Prick of the Spindle, and Painted Bride. She was the 2008 recipient of the Shelley Reece award for poetry, and has a permanent gig with the Noonan family Christmas letter.

Sara Kolp writes bold fiction and nonfiction, parents fantastically, raises chickens, and generally jazzes up North Portland.

Musician Reid Trevarthen lived in Italy at one point in time. At other points in time he played “Weather Watchers” with his grade school friends, learned how to speak some German and alternated between wearing and not wearing glasses. Now he is playing music and starting to learn to do the things that grown-ups do.

Karl Lind is a filmmaker, cameraman, director, editor, and video artist living in Portland, Oregon. He has been contemplating adopting a cat for quite awhile. See his work at www.inthecanllc.com.

Curator/Host Mel Favara has helmed 1,000 Words for nearly three years, wrote the zine teen sleuth through the 90’s and 00s, teaches writing and literature at Clark College, and makes a mean marinara from scratch.

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