Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 1,000 Words!

7 p.m. sharp-9 p.m., THURSDAY, February 3 at THE WAYPOST, 3120 N. Williams Avenue – Portland, (503) 367- 3182
CONTACT: MEL FAVARA, 971-506-3340,
1,000 Words returns Thursday, February 3 at the Waypost. We’ll present the newest chapter in a Oulipean experiment: four fresh local writers wrote on the theme LUCK, penning 250 words per week in response to prompts created/found/stolen by series curator Mel Favara. The results of this living literary laboratory, as per usual, have been wildly divergent, smart, and fresh: want to see how four different authors employed the phrase, “I should have been dead either way” and the words “slam, shrink, shrine, flight, and cradle” in one 250 word piece? Join us Thursday February 3 at the Waypost to hear the writer’s innovative responses and also witness the 1,000 Words house troubador, Reid Trevarthen, member of Vancouver emo-punk trio We Play Quiet, playing songs based on the prompts at the intermission.

Mike Peroni was born to a solid blue collar family, graduated from an elitist private school for boys, dropped out of college and traveled the continent with a copy of Desolation Angels in his hip pocket. He now owns and operates Boistfort Valley Farm in Curtis WA with his wife Heidi and their three-year-old daughter Natalina. Mike is a self-professed farmer, fisherman, and motorcycle enthusiast; not necessarily in that order.

Christopher Luna is an expatriate New Yorker and the host of a popular open mic poetry reading in Vancouver, WA, est. 2004. Since landing in Vancouver in 2003, Christopher has documented his observations of the city in his Ghost Town poems, which were collected
in a 2008 chapbook. He is also the editor of "The Work," a monthly newsletter devoted to informing people about poetry events in Portland and Vancouver.

Daneen Bergland's poetry has appeared in several literary journals including The Burnside Review, Verse Daily, and Propeller Quarterly magazine, with work forthcoming in Cerise Press and Poet Lore. In 2008 she received a fellowship from Oregon Literary Arts. She teaches online classes about popular culture to sophomores at Portland State University, which means she feels almost no guilt for revisiting the entire Joss Whedon ouvre on Netflix this year and checking her Facebook page several times a day. As an antidote to all that intellectual stimulation, and sitting, her hobbies include taking Zumba classes and eating vegetables.

Ryan Davis is honored to be a part of 1,000 Words again.
Horoscope: Scorpio
Jobs: Teaching lit and comp at Clackamas Community College, Co-Directing Portland World Theatre
Blood Type: O-
Charm Points: His wife, Angie, and son, Avery, who are his reasons for creating anything
Favorite Meal: Breakfast
Hobby: Sleeping

Musician Reid Trevarthen is totally weirded out by the existence of matter, photoptropism, and the scale of the very large and the very small. He'd love to discuss them enthusiastically with you.

Host Mel Favara has curated 1,000 Words for three years, teaches writing and literature at Clark College, and has terrific