Sunday, August 17, 2008

We've Been Away Too Long

But are back. The next reading goes down Monday, September 8 at the Maiden. Featured readers will include Jill Stukenberg, Joe Pitkin, Kate Schwab, and Eric Stern, taking a break from fronting Vagabond Opera to write words without music. Our house band We Play Quiet has been busy--they just played on KPSU & threw us a nice shout out--listen to their music & musings here: Our next theme is Beginnings, so get ready to begin tearing things up, I guess. My daughter turned 2 since the last reading, and I'm finding it not at all terrible.
Here is the first prompt for the next reading--write it up if you want and let me know what you make.

Your weekly piece should be veryclose to 250 words.
You may write each piece in the genre of your choice; you may write in
a different genre for each piece; you may write entirely disconnected
pieces, or pieces that hang together in a theme or plotline--writers
have succeeded wildly doing any/all of the above.
I will provide a phrase and several words as the prompt: you must use
the phrase and all of the words, but feel free to change person,
number, tense, or grammatical role as you like. I remember "nail"
particularly as a word people had fun with.
Keep the month's theme, BEGINNING, in mind as you write. Sort of near
the front of your mind.

And so, the prompt: write 250 words this week including the phrase

It is difficult to learn that you know nothing about

and the words
and flurry.