Monday, March 31, 2008

The goods on reading 4 plus first prompt

It goes like this: Monday, May 5, we'll get together at the Maiden in the Mist at 7pm and hear how people encountered the challenge of writing 250 words per week based on capricious prompts from me and the theme WORK. The readers:
Erin Ergenbright, author of The Ex-Boyfriend Cookbook, recent fellow at Caldera, and contributor to The Believer.
Lucie Bonvalet: writer, Tai Chi advocate, and world traveler.
Kate Kallal, Peace Corps. fellow recently of the Ukraine, English prof, and prose-mistress.
Travis Brown: kickass poet.
Matthew Hattie Hein: basic performative genius, writer, English teacher, musician (ex-New Bad Things), general bon-vivant, and smart marrier.
Music is We Play Quiet, a Vancouver duo featuring my best English 101 student ever. How can we go wrong? I will write one or two prompts, too--probably the ones I think will be most difficult for the participants. Speaking of which, here is the first prompt, sent out tonight:

Writers must include the phrase

I am willing to do so many things

and the words

and crestfallen

Feel like responding? I plan to pick one or two people who write a 250 word response on spec and include them in the program. Email or post in response here. Live well.

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