Friday, February 15, 2008

1,000 Words Hits Cyberspace

The 1,000 Words series, a bi-monthly reading based on a challenge to the writers who accept it, will hereafter exist not only in its ephemeral moment every second first Monday at the Maiden in the Mist, but also here on the interweb. It works like this: Every other month, 4-6 writers and a musician agree to write 250 words per week for four weeks based on a set of pretty twisted prompts--usually a phrase or sentence and a list of words that must be included in that week's effort. At the end of the month, the writers agree to read their findings in public in exchange for a free drink. In the future, the archived writings from past readings will be availeble here, and I will post each week's prompts for anyone to see and respond to if they like as I send them to the writers. I'll also provide links to works by the coming reading's featured writers and post writings by the general public. In?

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